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Advertise where advertising efficiently works – LeGuide Group portals put your business right at the forefront of the customer pruchase decision.

Reasons to place your advertising campaign with LeGuide Group

  • LeGuide Group with its brands LeGuide.com, choozen, Webmarchand, dooyoo and Ciao has a proven track record of delivering great results with advertising for a huge range of brands including Samsung, Nokia, LG and Sony) from different verticals.
  • LeGuide Group specialises in premium brand sales and our team focuses on delivering return on investment and developing creative advertising solutions at the ultimate point of decision making.
  • LeGuide Group provides efficient advertising placements and targeted sales approaches across a brand portfolio of leading brands across Europe to reach your audience.
  • LeGuide Group provides agencies and advertisers with standard display banners and numerous special ad formats designed to address your target groups effectively.
  • Our experienced team designs individual online ad concepts because our solutions far exceed traditional online advertising approaches. We support you in attaining your marketing goals – from the very beginning.
  • Our targeted advertising messaging helps you actively influence users’ purchasing decisions.
  • We have proven that advertising on LeGuide Group brands brings above-average response and conversion rates, with reporting according to all required standards and regulations.

We provide to you …

  • Perfect Audience. On the LeGuide Group, your advertising is displayed to customers at the precise moment they want shopping advice and are most open to suggestions. The LeGuide Group has separate consumer categories which can be targeted to make sure that you are reaching the most relevant possible audience.
  • Perfect Timing. By placing your advertising right at the "point of decision", your advertising is shown to customers at precisely the moment they are seeking shopping advice and are most open to suggestions. This makes them the perfect audience for brands who want to make an impact - more likely to notice, remember and to (be) influence by display advertising.
  • Perfect Targeting. Be sure you will reach your target group at the right category. From automotive to finance to electronics, we offer a wide range of possible category placements.


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Get an overview of our advertising products, from standard banners to rich media formats; including the technical specifications.

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